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*** Attention Members / Meeting Attendees ***

The Jackson County Amateur Radio Association club meeting will NOT be held at the St. Martin Community Center in June.  This is due to the run-off election scheduled for this Tuesday at the community center.

We are instead hosting an informal club meeting on the internet using ZOOM.

We are sending out invitations before noon on Friday to all club members to attend the meeting.  If you have not received an invitation or would like to attend our meeting on Tuesday please request an invitation by email at …

You will receive an invite before the meeting on Tuesday.



JCARA ARRL Field Day June 2022

JCARA will conduct a cooperative – club wide Field Day event this year.  Other interested, non-club, operators are welcome to participate.  The event is set to be held at the Estuary Education Center, on the campus of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC).  The venue has adequate facilities to accommodate simulated emergency operations conditions and includes Antenna deployment location, room for multiple radio operations, cool-down area to preempt individuals suffering heat exhaustion, handicap (ARA) restrooms, and ample parking.

The hosting location information is:  MGCCC Campus, 2300 US highway 90, Gautier, MS 39553

GPS Coordinates     30.394521, -88.647288  / 30°23’40.3″N,  88°38’50.2″W

See the site map…. Field Day Location

The 145.110 repeater is the talk-in frequency as needed.

The “make the contact” operations and logging event begins at 1300 local time the 25th to 1300 local time the 26th.  Antenna deployment is scheduled for the afternoon/evening of the 24th beginning at approximately 1500 local time.  In accordance with the ARRL rules, the advanced antenna setup drives the starting time on Saturday.

We highly encourage all members who are healthy-able bodied individuals to participate.  Whether your area of service expertise is setup/breakdown, radio operations, food service, or other service (support) function, your participation is needed.

For the club this event is the second largest event to our fall Hamfest and will offer the greatest public exposure to what we do as Amateur Radio Operators.

For more information or interest in committing to help execute the event, please contact:

Charles; n2pkw@arrl,net or Joe;

Please visit the ARRL website for more about Field Day.


Information from the ARRL

According to the ARRL website, “Field Day is the most popular on-the-air event held annually in the US and Canada. On the fourth weekend of June, more than 35,000 radio amateurs gather with their clubs, groups or simply with friends to operate from remote locations.”

We encourage operators to review the rules at the ARRL Field Day Rules link

The JCARA Field Day Flyer.  JCARA Field Day Flyer



(DIY event announcement, April-May of 2022) JCARA will hold its first DIY group build

The Club’s DIY first group build will begin Saturday May 28th. at the Jackson County Campus of MGCCC, 2300 Hwy 90, Gautier, MS 39553 (GPS 30.392007, -88.6509357).  The class start time 9:00 a.m.  The event will take place in the Career Technical Education Building, Room 26A, Building 5 on the Campus map link below.  The cost is free to Club Members.

The build will give a very brief and basic understanding of the balun as well as the pros and cons.  This will be followed by actually building the balun and wire antenna.

This is a Members only event and participants need to sign up in advance in order to ensure everyone has a project/materials kit.  Participants can sign up by eMail to:,,, or

See the Campus guide map:  MGCCC Jackson County Campus


Local ARES-RACES Net Controllers announced for 2022

JCARA and the Jackson County ARRL EC has named ARES-RACES net Controllers for 2022.

The regularly scheduled and alternate Net Controllers are:

First Thursday                   Gus (WG5GK)

Second Thursday              Joe (W5DDX)

Third Thursday                 Robert (KM4EWZ)

Forth Thursday                 Jerry (N5MES)

Fifth Thursday and Alternates                 Laurence (K9EYZ)/Jeff (KI5JJP)/Charlie (N2PKW)

All licensed Amateur Radio operators are invited and encouraged to participate.  The ARES-RACES net currently meets each Thursday at 7 p.m. local time, on the W5WA (145.110 Analog) repeater.  The tone is 123.0. 



Good Bye Nick

It is with sad hearts that we say so long and 73 to our friend and neighbor, K5BQJ, RA (Nick) Conner.  Nick became a silent key on Monday April 4, 2022.  Nick is pictured here [center wearing blue cap] with several local operators.

N5OS Repeater


Unsure of the exact photo date, however it was published on this website in February 2018.

This photo also appears on the website’s repeater list.





The caption with the photo reads in part.


N5OS Repeater Site – Pascagoula, MS
“The Triple T Maneuver”
Testing, Tuning, Tweaking
L to R: Rod Roberts, KC5LCW, Nick Conner, K5BQJ, Donnie Versiga &
Kurt Oberhofer, K5KDO, Camera Operator, Not Shown

Nick was a active JCARA club member, including past custodian for the 145.110 [call sign W5WA] repeater.  Nick handled a considerable amount of communications traffic during and after both hurricanes Camille and Katrina.


On the Air

JCARA’s participation in the Mississippi QSO Party was April 2nd, 2022.  Brian, W5DUI, Gus WG5GK, Jim, W5SMN, Justin, W5NRP (not pictured) were the primary operators making and logging the contacts.  The location near Ocean Springs, MS was excellent (except for the gnats), adequate shady space for antenna setups and protection from the direct sunlight.    More information about how the event was conducted is available at

Results may be available for discussion in the April club meeting. 

To view the club flyer link for more details follow this link.   Jackson-County-MS-QSO-Party-2022.pdf


News You Can Use

   Effective Tuesday March 15, 2022 until further notice, JCARA will conduct monthly testing [VE test sessions] for new Ham Radio license, and license upgrades.  The test will be held at the Jackson County Campus of MGCCC, Classroom 26A of the Career Technical Education Building, every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6 pm.

  Please contact Charlie Hardt, N2PKW at 228-233-4140 or eMail: to enroll.  You must contact Charlie in advance.  Sorry, walk-ins cannot be accommodated at the test sessions.  If you are not available for Tuesday night testing, contact Charlie to schedule an alternate day.


JCARA 2021 Ham of the Year Recognition & Awards

In the March 2022 Club meeting the 2021 Amateur Of The Year award was presented.  For 2021 we had two recipients. Joseph Tucker Sr, W5DDX [left photo], serving this year as the club Vice President; and John Ryan KJ4NJT [right photo], the 2021 Vice President was recognized.  The award presentation was made by Charles Hardt, N2PKW, Past President 2021.  Thank you to Joe and John for going above the call !


Happening Now



Justin, W5NRP (formerly KI5KTQ) accepts club

Advancement Loaner Program HF Equipment at the February meeting.








Congratulations to Robert, KM4EWZ, named the Jackson County Assistant Emergency Coordinator in the February ARES/RACES meeting.  “Its official” according to Laurence, K9EYZ Jackson County MS ARRL EC.




   What’s Next

     Some Nets are moving.

     1. JCARES 2m voice net [W5WA Repeater] will move from Wednesdays to Thursday at 7:00PM beginning March 3, 2022

     2. JCARES will hold a simplex voice net immediately following the regular [repeater] voice net on March 10, 2022.  The simplex net call frequency will be 145.110 MHz (the repeater output frequency / no tones required)

     3. JCARES will hold a Winlink net on 3/17/2022 (more details to be distributed later)

     4. MS ARES NBEMS net will move from Mondays to Wednesdays at 7:30PM beginning March 2, 2022.

     5. The MS NBEMS net is on 3581KHz, 1000Hz on waterfall, in Thor22.


   Special Report – Hunting the Repeater Noise Squirrel.  The hounds are on the repeater QRM/QRN trail

     An interim (status) report of conditions and activities related to the repeater’s random noise, by Laurence Galle, K9EYZ, with video and background research by Jerry, N5MES.

     Prior to and again after the 145.110 repeater upgrade, we have experienced periodic static or crackling like noise on the repeater signal.  [Editor’s Comment: Fortunately, JCARA has a group of dedicated hunters, like hounds on the trail of a noisy squirrel.  The repeater team will leave no tree (the tower) and no branch (our antenna) unexamined and tested until the noisy critter is found and dispatched into the RF QRM abyss.]

     “One of the major problems of isolating the noise is the intermittent nature of the noise.  We’ve only been able to get up to the repeater site twice as the static was happening, and all we were able to test was the SWR via an antenna analyzer and an SWR bridge.  Each time, the antenna tested fine.

     My thought for confirming that the static is due arcing during transmit is as follows:

1.)  I have ordered a 50ohm splitter/ power divider.  It will let us connect two radios to one antenna, or two antennas to one radio.  I’m going to install it so that it divides the receive signal of our repeater (after filtering by the duplexer) between two radios: 1) the repeater, and 2) my Alinco DR-135 (without a microphone).

2.)  The repeater will continue to function as it normally would, albeit with about half the receive sensitivity that would normally have.  The Alinco will have the audio piped into a digital voice recorder with external power supply that will record audio 24/7.

3.)  When we hear static on the repeater during a particular transmission, then we can ask that person to immediately change his radio to transmit to the repeater WITHOUT the 123.0 Hz tone (without any tone at all).  The repeater and the Alinco will copy this signal, but the repeater will NOT transmit without the tone.  But the voice recorder will record the copied signal, whether the repeater is transmitting or not.

4.)  If done quickly enough, we can have recordings of the same stations from times when the repeater is transmitting and times when the repeater is only receiving that are within a very short time span.  If the static only occurs when the repeater is transmitting, then the article that Jerry, N5MES, sent me (link below) is correct.”


W5WA Hardline filmed by smartphone:

W5WA Hardline through the telescope (the good part begins at 7:45):

For additional background information on this subject, you may wish to view the following research by Jerry, N5MES 

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